Core Values

Core Values
Incarnational Ministries (John 1:14, Act 2:42-47)
We want to follow the example of Christ by working alongside, living with, and serving those in the community.  We believe that the way we live our life on a daily basis is a powerful testimony to those we wish to minister to.  By doing this we attempt to create a community of believers as is described throughout the Bible.

Wholistic Ministries  (James 2:14-19, Acts 4:32-35)
Our ministries are designed to meet the needs of the whole person, not just their needs spiritually.  We will attempt to address the spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social needs of the people in the community over time.

Caring for & Ministering Among the Poor (Exodus 23:11, Psalm 82:3, Proverbs 19:17, Jeremiah 22:16, Matthew 19:21, Mark 9:35)
Scripture clearly places God on the side of the poor. Christ demonstrated great concern for the poor, as He spent much of His time ministering to the poor, oppressed, fatherless, widowed, and those in need.  As a church, and as followers of Christ, we are called to be servants of all.

Development of Leadership (Deuteronomy 4:4-7, Acts 14:21a-23, 1 Timothy 4:14)
We are committed to training people up from within the community to take leadership positions in the church and in the community.  This means discipling new believers and intentionally investing into the lives of the community youth so that they become the church leaders of tomorrow.

Reconciliation (Ephesians 2:11-18, Colossians 3:11, Matthew 5:23-24, Matthew 6:14-15; 18:15, Colossians 3:12-14, 1 Peter 4:8)
We want to bridge the gap between God and people and between people of different racial and ethnic groups, and socio-economic backgrounds.  This includes bridging the gap between urban and suburban churches.

Church Planting (Matthew 28:18-20; reference various parts of Acts)
We believe in planting churches that also desire to plant other churches, which would continue to spread the gospel and make disciples for Jesus Christ.

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