Invest in the Kingdom

From Servant Pastor Rev. Gabriel Wang-Herrera:

“God is at work in the Frankford and Northwoods areas of Philadelphia but let’s be real, God has ALWAYS been at work in the these areas of Philadelphia.  We are grateful to be a part of this work and hope that you would prayerfully consider how God might be leading you to be a part of this work as well.

We are always open to having people who would pray consistently on our behalf, give generously as needs or opportunities arise and engage with our wonderful people in and around our community through our various programs.  Please contact me, Pastor Gabe to talk and pray about specifics!  My cell phone is 610-283-2969 and my email is  Thanks and may God bless you!”


How You can Help

1. Pray

  • Pray for us that we would be led by the Holy Spirit as we seek to minister to those in the Frankford and Northwoods community and share the Good News of the Gospel.

2. Donate

  • Another way to give is financially.  When you give financially to By Grace Alone church you’re not just giving to an organization, you are making a Kingdom Investment.  All of the funds you donate go directly to furthering the mission here at By Grace Alone Church to share the good news of the Gospel to the lost in Frankford and Northwoods.  To be a sign, an instrument and a foretaste of God’s kingdom in this city.  NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL! What you give will help us be Christ-like servants in an area where Christ wants all to submit to His Lordship.

3 ways to Give

A – During our Sunday service during the time of offering.

B- By check or money order made out to:

“By Grace Alone Church” and sent to:

4824 Griscom Street, Philadelphia,  PA 19124

C- Secure donation On-line

Just Click on the Donate button below and follow the steps.

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